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About La Française Group

Environmental and societal challenges are opportunities to reconsider the future. Identifying drivers of change and understanding how they will fashion global growth and ultimately influence long-term financial performance is at the heart of La Française’s mission. The group’s forward-looking investment strategy is built upon this conviction.

Organized around two business lines, financial and real estate assets, La Française has developed a multi-boutique model to serve institutional and retail clients in France and abroad.

La Française, aware of the importance of the extensive transformations occurring in our increasingly digital and connected world, has created an innovation platform which brings together the new activities identified as key businesses of tomorrow.

La Française has 53 billion euros in assets under management as at 31/12/2020 and has operations in Paris, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Hong Kong, Seoul.

La Française is a subsidiary of Caisse Fédérale de Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe (CMNE). Groupe Crédit Mutuel has A, negative outlook/A-1 S&P long and short-term ratings (April 2020).