Pascale Auclair to be appointed to the Board of Directors of La Française Group and named Corporate Secretary
May 4, 2018

Pascale Auclair to be appointed to the Board of Directors of La Française Group and named Corporate Secretary

Subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board in June, Pascale Auclair will be appointed Corporate Secretary of the Group, and will become the third member of the Board of Directors alongside Xavier Lépine (Chairman) and Patrick Rivière (Managing Director). Taking over from Pierre Lasserre, Pascale will oversee Internal Control and Compliance, Operational Risks and Data Protection, Legal Affairs and Group Risk Control.

Pascale Auclair to be appointed to the Board of Directors of La Française Group and named Corporate Secretary

Xavier Lépine, Chairman of La Française Group says, “We are delighted that Pascale has agreed to this new role and we are certain that her experience in our business lines and her interpersonal and technical skills will serve her well in meeting her new responsibilities. Pierre has made a significant contribution working alongside us on the Board of Directors over the years and he will continue to provide support as Advisor to the Chairman and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the La Française Global Investment Solutions division.”

“It is a tremendous opportunity and a stimulating challenge for me to be asked to join the Board of Directors of La Française Group. I am extremely proud to be a member of La Française Group and will be able to draw on the experience gained from my previous roles in fulfilling my new responsibilities,” adds Pascale Auclair.

Pascale's responsibilities as Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of La Française Asset Management will be overseen by Patrick Rivière, with the support of Jean-Luc Hivert and Laurent Jacquier-Laforge, who will be named managing directors.

- Jean-Luc Hivert, Managing Director, CIO Fixed Income & Cross Asset

- Laurent Jacquier-Laforge, Managing Director, CIO Equities

Pascale Auclair has nearly thirty-five years of experience in finance. She began her career as a bond fund manager at Societe Generale in 1983, after which she worked at BAFIP, Cheuvreux de Virieu. In 1992, she joined Groupama as head of fixed-income investment, and in 1994 she was involved in the creation of the Group's asset management subsidiary and the development of an external client base. In 1998, Pascale Auclair was appointed manager of the bond and diversified management teams and in 1999 she joined the executive board of Groupama Asset Management and was subsequently named Deputy Managing Director.

In 2006, Pascale Auclair joined LFP Investissements as Head of Investment Management. Following the merger with UFG Group in 2010, she was named Head of Investment Management and Managing Director of LFP, a securities asset management company within the UFG-LFP Group, which later became La Française Group.

Pascale Auclair is an actuary, and is a graduate of the Institut des Sciences Financières et d’Assurance in Lyon.




About La Française Group

For forty years, La Française has been developing core competencies in third party asset management.

La Française has a multi-expertise business model organized around four core activities: securities, real estate, investment solutions and direct financing. The group caters to institutional and private clients throughout the world. 

With 639 professionals and offices in Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Stamford (CT, USA), Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Seoul and Singapore, La Française manages €65.8bn in assets (as at 01/01/2019).

La Française is a forward-looking responsible investor and as such, incorporates tomorrow’s challenges into today’s investment strategy.

La Française is owned by Credit Mutuel Nord Europe (“CMNE”), a banking and insurance group present in Northern France and Belgium.