La Française partners with Investeam Canada
May 16, 2017, Paris, France

La Française partners with Investeam Canada

La Française, asset management firm headquartered in Paris, continues to pursue its ambitious long-term international expansion strategy alongside Investeam Canada.

La Française partners with Investeam Canada

After five years of successful development across Europe and more recently in Asia with the opening of a local office in Seoul, South Korea, which now represents close to €1bn in real estate assets under management, La Française, after carrying out the necessary due-diligence, has signed a third-party marketing agreement with Investeam Canada. Together, they will promote, to the Canadian institutional investor community, the European real estate expertise of La Française.

Building on over forty years of investment management experience, La Française manages over €63bn in assets, €15.3bn of which are in real estate. La Française offers a complete investment management service in both direct and indirect commercial property investments for institutional and private clients across continental Europe, Asia, the UK and the Middle East. La Française, as a group, is a recognized specialist in core and core plus as well as value-added and opportunistic investment strategies, in the French, German, UK and Swedish real estate markets. Additionally, La Française is the leading collective real estate investment manager in France.1

Philippe Lecomte, CEO of La Française AM International and Head of Global International Business Development, said, “It is true. La Française’s international business development strategy is ambitious. However, as a group, we are committed to expanding our business to Canada, the fourth largest pension market in the world, and are prepared to make the necessary investments in order to create and cultivate longstanding business relations with Canadian institutional investors. We have handpicked Investeam Canada to assist us along the way. Their track record, as well as the quality of their people, speaks for itself.”

Christophe Vandewiele, Managing Director of Investeam Canada, added, “La Française is a newcomer to the Canadian market, and we are certain that the quality of their real estate capabilities, as well as their credentials, will meet with the approval of institutional investors.”

1Source: IEIF, as at 31/12/2016, in terms of assets under management; vehicle “Société Civile de Placement Immobilier”.


The real estate activities of La Française have been united under the brand La Française Global Real Estate Investment Managers (GREIM). This umbrella brand covers La Française REM, La Française Real Estate Partners and La Française Real Estate Partners International.

La Française REM is the French leader in collective real estate investments in terms of capitalisation (as at 31/12/2016, IEIF). A specialist in third-party investment and asset management, it is present across all French real estate markets. It has also developed a platform for real estate mandates, offering dedicated solutions for institutional investors with investment strategies ranging from Core/Core+ to Value Added and Opportunistic within the La Française Real Estate Partners structure.

La Française Real Estate Partners International provides a complete investment management service in both direct and indirect real estate investments for a wide range of international clients across continental Europe, the UK and Asia. It operates from offices in London and Frankfurt (and recently opened an office in Seoul). The platform is a recognized specialist in core and core-plus real estate investment strategies throughout Europe.

La Française GREIM has ca. €15.3bn in assets under management (as at 31/03/2017) and offers a complete range of tailored real estate solutions to investors across the globe.

Investeam Canada, headed by Christophe Vandewiele, is Investeam’ s Toronto based Office.

Investeam was founded in 2004 and has been active in Canada since 2007. As of 2015, Investeam also has offices in Belgium and Luxembourg.

As one of the leading Third Party Marketers, it is a founding member of the Association Française des Tierces Parties Marketing (AFTPM).

Investeam offers the sales and marketing resources necessary to the successful business development of Investment Managers.

This partnership illustrates perfectly Investeam’ s longstanding commitment to assist French fund managers in extending their power and reach internationally, by offering them, the locally based assistance of a dedicated, highly experienced and professional sales and marketing team.




About La Française Group

For forty years, La Française has been developing core competencies in third party asset management.

La Française has a multi-expertise business model organized around four core activities: securities, real estate, investment solutions and direct financing. The group caters to institutional and private clients throughout the world. 

With 639 professionals and offices in Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Stamford (CT, USA), Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Seoul and Singapore, La Française manages €65.8bn in assets (as at 01/01/2019).

La Française is a forward-looking responsible investor and as such, incorporates tomorrow’s challenges into today’s investment strategy.

La Française is owned by Credit Mutuel Nord Europe (“CMNE”), a banking and insurance group present in Northern France and Belgium.